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On receipt of your formal instrusctions we will provide the following services:
Letting only service - (3 weeks rent)
     a) Perpare particulars of the property for immediate circulation to applicants and advertise as necessary.
     b) Apply for and obtain relevant personal and financial referees in connection with each tennent party to the agreement a guarantor if applicable.
     c) Prepare all necessary Tenancy Agreements and relevant notices and co-ordinate the signing of same.
     d) Collect one months rent in advance, together with a one month deposit, inrespect of dilapidations and non-performance of the tenant"s obligations.
     e) Arrange for the preparation of aninventory of fixtures and fittings.
Letting & Rent Collection Service - (3 Weeks Rent + 5%)
In addition to our letting only service as above, we will undertake the following:
     a) Collect the monthly rent due in respect of the property
     b) Credit it direct to yourself and/or nominated bank or building society account.
     c) Prepare monthly advice slips giving a full breakdown.
Full Management Service - (2.5 week Rent +10%)
In addition to our letting only service as above, we wil also:
     a) Arrange and co-ordinate the tenants occupation and vacation of the premises.
     b) Arrange and co-ordinate monthly and quarterly inspections of the property, whilst the tenants are in occupation.
     c) Inform the relevant utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water rates, Council tax, BT etc) of the change of occupier. PLEASE NOTE: Some utilities may require confirmation by the landlord.
     d) Advise in going tenants of the procedure of registering the appropriate services into tenants names for supply during the tenancy period.
     e) Arrange for appropriate tradesman to effect necessary repairs and decoration to the maximum of 80.00 pounds for repairs in excess of this ammount, we will obtain your approval first except in cases of emergency.
     f) Pay regular outgoings, if so instructed e.g. ground rent and services charges mortgage repayments< insurance etc>
MORTGAGE: In the case where the property is mortgaged the landlord will need to obtain permission to let the property from the mortgages.
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